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Prepare Your Home For Sale!

   We all know the ins and outs of our homes so well we sometimes forget about that old leak satin or the screen which has a little tear. A buyer who is about to make on of their largest purchasers can often be turned off by these small items, because if the owner doesn't take care of the small things can you just imagine the big things.

   Your main objective in preparing your home is to make it as attractive to the largest number of buyers as possible. Some minor repairs and clean-up will usually turn into a higher selling price.

   When you begin to prepare you should take a look around and make a list. Pretend you are a buyer and start your viewing at the curb and then continue your tour on every floor, out into the yard and don't forget the garage.

   Some minor and reasonable repairs can help  turn your home into near model home condition which include the following items:

moving house